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Redress, Inc. is a new (2002) Nevada 501c3 nonprofit corporation, created to combat corruption. Our purpose is to provide real assistance and solutions for citizens suffering from injustices. We operate as a formal business, with a Board of Directors guiding us.

We take the following actions to seek redress:

Please become familiar with our web site, and feel free to call. We need each other - help us to help you!

Although we are beginning operations in Nevada, we intend to extend into each state in a competent fashion. We are NOT attorneys, unless individual attorneys join us as members. We are simply people helping people.

For those interested, we do not engage in the practice of law. You might be interested in this article Unauthorized Practice of Law on the Net.

Call Redress, Inc. at 702.597.2982 or e-mail us at

Redress, Inc. is a forward thinking 501c3 nonprofit corporation formed to serve people traumatized by the American Justice System, and by corruption or incompetence by those in positions of authority. Our involvement includes:

redress in our courtrooms (judges, lawyers and court personnel);
law enforcement (at all levels);
social help programs funded by state or federal monies;
federal programs that involve our daily lives, and more.

Can Judges "judge" themselves fairly?

"We perhaps demand too much of human nature if we expect judges to be unconcerned with the loss of public prestige that results from admitting that cases of serious judicial misconduct are not extraordinarily rare".

~ Read entire article at

Does Congress believe that judges can judge themselves fairly?

"The experience with the Cudahy matter and the Chief Judge of the District of Minnesota raises profound questions with respect to whether the Judiciary should continue to enjoy delegated authority to investigate and discipline itself. If the Judiciary will not act, Congress will - consistent with its Constitutional responsibilities. Congress will begin assessing whether the disciplinary authority delegated to the judiciary has been responsibly exercised and ought to continue."

~ Read entire Congressman Sensenbrenner remarks before the U.S. Judicial Conference Regarding Congressional Oversight Responsibility of the Judiciary at

Can attorneys judge themselves fairly?

"To effect significant improvements in the quality, cost and delivery of legal services, the Bar must accept fundamental changes in its regulatory structure. Annointing a few laymen to serve on drafting commissions or disciplinary committees will not suffice. As experience with token representation in other contexts makes clear, such cosmetic gestures serve more to legitimate than to affect the decisions of professionally controlled regulatory systems. Rather, structural deficiencies in the Bar's present governance system mandate reforms offering nonprofessionals (the American public) more than a supporting role."

~ Professor Deborah L. Rhode, Stanford Law School

Are our courts doing a good job?

"The American legal system has been corrupted almost beyond recognition, Judge Edith Jones of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit, told the Federalist Society of Harvard Law School on February 28 [2003]".

~ Read entire article at

Are our judges competent? Honest? Forthright?

"Frankly, I have had more than enough of judicial opinions that bear no relationship whatsoever to the cases that have been filed and argued before the judges. I am talking about judicial opinions that falsify the facts of the cases that have been argued, judicial opinions that make disingenuous use or omission of material authorities, judicial opinions that cover up these things with no-publication and no-citation rules."

Does the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals really believe this?

"Democracy cannot be entrusted to millions of people who have never been to law school," an unnamed judge wrote for the panel. "Ultimately, power must rest in the hands of those who know what's best for others. That's the American model, and that is what we should export to the world".

~ Read article at, located on the web in a number of other locations also.

Redress, Inc. does not believe in U.S. Attorney John Ashcroft due to the Patriot Act and seizure of civil liberties; this quote is presented as an example of the system's surface awareness of the need to direct the system back onto itself regarding accountability. He said,

"Corruption in the agencies charged with enforcing our laws not only threatens communities by allowing dangerous criminals to roam free, it also undermines the confidence of our citizens in law enforcement and the criminal justice system. The same is true with respect to judicial corruption. We must all, in our own countries, lead the right to ensure integrity within our police and judicial systems."

~ Remarks made to the Second Global Forum on Fighting Corruption

Do a lot of judges think pro se litigants (not represented by legal counsel) are mentally ill?

"However, in light of the volume of pro se filings in this Circuit, we cannot disregard the potential buden on court administration associated with conducting frequent inquiries into pro se litigants' mental competency."

~ Chief Judge John Walker, 2nd Circuit, Ferrelli v. River Manor Health Care Center 323 F.3d 196; 2003 U.S. App. LEXIS 5516;91 Fair Empl. Prac. Cas. (BNA) 688;55 Fed.R.Serv. 3d (Callaghan) 93

Do prosecuting attorneys abide by the law?

"Prosecutors have paid little attention to their constitutional duties... they are under a constitutional mandate to provide the defendants with all exculpatory evidence in the government's possession. This obligation is almost routinely dishonored and probably accounts for more miscarriages of justice than any other violation... The worst prosecutorial offense is lying to a court... Lying by prosecutors occurs with dismaying frequency..."

~ Herman Schwartz, Professor of Constitutional Law at American University (3-7-99 article in the L.A.Times)

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E-mail: - Phone: (702) (597)2982

"Irresponsible power is inconsistent with liberty, and must corrupt those who execise it."

~ John C. Calhoun

NOTICE: Redress, Inc. does not give legal advice, nor does it engage in the unauthorized practice of law.

NOTICE: The term "Legal Abuse Syndrome" and the materials contained within "Overcoming the Devastation of Legal Abuse Syndrome" are copyrighted to Karin Huffer. Any entity wishing to use the term or material must obtain Ms. Huffer's written permission. Contact her at


Redress, Inc., a 501c3 organization, maintains the core beliefs as follows:


Redress, Inc. believes that all human beings are imbued with inalienable rights to justice and fairness for all people, which supports:


Redress, Inc. believes abuse results when one group of individuals attempts to impose political or religious viewpoints on another group of individuals against their will, that the misguided desire for control over others shall not be allowed to obliterate fairness for all; therefore, Redress, Inc.:



The purpose of this Project Grant request is to engage in research leading to real solutions to the fast-growing phenomenon of pro se litigation and to document the incidence of Legal Abuse Syndrome (LAS) that may be behind the phenomenon.

Applicant will accomplish a longitudinal study/survey of 5,000 American Justice System litigants focusing on litigants’ perception of the courts, economic access, impact to litigants’ health, court sensitivity to “invisible” disabilities, secondary trauma caused by stressors while using the court system, and ability to rebound after court experiences.

The objective is to document those factors as reported by litigants who may be diagnosed or undiagnosed LAS/PTSD sufferers (as a result of actual court experience) and to create court protocol providing effective and efficient means to deal expeditiously and judiciously with them. The Project is intended to enhance understanding and skills of court employees at all levels to include the judiciary and to prepare protocols for courts’ use in dealing with pro se litigants who may be LAS/PTSD sufferers. The goal is to lead to a less-burdened court system, more effective litigants, and less stress/physical illness to all through education. LAS may be a public health menace of magnitude.

The Product will assist with ADA Access and Compliance so as to avoid future litigation. It will also enable the court system to devise easily implementable procedures based on the protocols to increase efficacy with such litigants. Court efficiency will be improved through a reduction in existing case filings. In short, the Study will assist pro se litigants in the courts, LAS/PTSD suffering litigants, LAS/PTSD suffering court personnel, and relax some of the burden on the court systems.


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Activities & Events - This page shows the planned actions that we will to do, in order to achieve our goals.

Class Action Lawsuits - While many fear yet another court setting, we are a peaceful group seeking redress; this is another method to do so.

Court Watching - In the grand tradition of Judicial Watch and National Organization of Women, we are organizing groups of people to watch our courts, and document behaviors which are illegal or incompetent, fraudulent, abusive or malicious. We know through these organizations that courts being watched will toe the line.

Factoids - They look like facts, sound like facts; but we didn't collect the statistics and can't prove them. These factoids are being collected from various sources. Each source has been identified.

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Proposed Laws - With your crucial assistance, and with legal constitutional review, we prepare laws for our legislators which protect our interests.

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